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Media Anthropology Graduate Students

Philip Cartelli
Research Interests: Senegal; Media anthropology, political/economic anthropology
cartelli [at] |

Aryo Danusiri
Research Interests: Indonesia, South East Asia; Visual Ethnography, Nexus of Borders, Fundamentalism, Mobility, Developmentalism, Humanitarianism, Decentralization.
danusiri [at]

Alex Fattal
fattal [at]

Veronika Kusumaryati
Research Interests: Indonesia, Southeast Asia, audiovisual technologies, circulation and production of images,anthropology of knowledge/science, and political changes.
kusumaryati [at]

Toby Lee
Research Interests: Greece, Balkans, US; Film, media, art in society.
tobylee [at]

Andrew Littlejohn
Research Interests: Japan; food studies, human-animal relationship.
andrewlittlejohn [at]

Esra Sahin
egsahin [at]

Benjamin Shaffer
Research Interests:
China; media, art communities.
benny.shaffer [at]

J.P. Sniadecki
Research Interests: China; social change, media anthropology.
jpsniad [at]

Stephanie Spray
Research Interests: Nepal; film and video, phenomenology, anthropology of religion, gender and sexuality, art and performance, media anthropology.
sspray [at]

Maria Stalford
Research Interests: Southeast Asia, Vietnam; Traditional medicine.
stalford [at]

Julia Yezbick
Research Interests: visual anthropology, phenomenology, embodiment, space/place, Catholic Charismatics, emplacement, "sense" of home, experience, Italy, India, Nepal.
yezbick [at]

Graduate Student Associates

Jeremy Blatter
PhD candidate, History of Science and Film and Visual Studies

Cynthia Browne
PhD candidate, Anthropology

Bridget Corbett Hanna
PhD candidate, Anthropology

John Hulsey

PhD candidate, Film and Visual Studies

Cuilan Liu
PhD candidate, Sanskrit and Indian Studies

Meghan Roguschka
PhD candidate, Anthropology

Carla Martin
PhD candidate, Anthropology and African and African-American Studies

Adam Muri-Rosenthal

PhD candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures

Anh-Thu Ngo
PhD candidate, Anthropology

Joana Pimenta

PhD candidate, Film and Visual Studies

Lina Verchery
PhD candidate, Divinity School


Lucien Castaing-Taylor
Professor of
Visual Arts and of Anthropology; Joint appointment with the Deptartment of Visual and Environmental Studies and the Department of Anthropology; Director, Film Study Center.
gtaylor [at] | faculty profile

Teaching Assistants and Fellows

Jesse Shapins

Teaching Fellow, Media Archaeology of Place, 2010

Stephanie Spray
Teaching Fellow, Sensory Ethnography, 2012

Jeff Silva

Teaching Assistant, Sensory Ethnography, 2006-2009

Pacho Velez
Teaching Assistant, Sensory Ethnography, 2006

Julia Yezbick
Teaching Fellow, Sensory Ethnography, 2011

Presidential Instructional Technology Fellows [PITF]

James Burns
Presidential Instructional Technology Fellow
james [at]

Peter McMurray
PhD candidate, Ethnomusicology
mcmurray [at]

Faculty Associates

Steve Caton
caton [at]

Peter Der Manuelian
peter_manuelian [at]

Peter Galison

History of Science
galison [at]

Alfred Guzzetti
guzzetti [at]

Michael Herzfeld
herzfeld [at]

Arthur Kleinman
Anthropology and Harvard Medical School
kleinman [at]

Véréna Paravel

verenaparavel [at]

Jeffrey Schnapp

Romance Languages and Literatues, and Graduate School of Design
jschnapp [at]

Mary Steedly

msteed [at]

University Address

114 Vanserg Building

Mailing Address
Sensory Ethnography Lab
Department of Anthropology
Peabody Museum
11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

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